Sigerico would have stopped here!

If I would have started my new bed & breakfast activity in the X Century,  I am sure that the Archbishop of Canterbury would have stopped here in San Dionisio, today called San Genesio, coming back from his pilgrimage to Rome, in order to receive the Pallio from the Pope Giovanni XV.

San Genesio: this  archaeological site recently discovered  just round the corner of my house, only a stone’s throw from San Miniato, was once an important  meeting and market point  for people, goods, and pilgrims coming from Lucca, Florence, Siena, and especially from Rome, where papacy is the central authority of the Roman Catholic church.

We have to think about the technical innovation as a mechanism for integration and comparison between various cultural trends in these times.

I always was attracted by tourism, and to tell you the truth, I hope to receive a nice feedback from this new experience. So, I am glad to start it seriously and welcome to my home both pilgrims and tourists, that will enjoy their staying with us.