Our house is now a B&B, but originally was an old wine cellar, once a part of a barn, carefully restored and completed  in 2000. The house has  an over three thousand square meters wide garden, with beautiful olive trees and decorative plants, so charming in the summer evenings.

We dispose of two different suites reserved for our guests on the first floor.

The Sapphire Suite, with an entrance/hallway, a double bedroom,  where, on demand, we can add a third bed for a child up to 12, and a single bedroom with a bathroom.

The second, the Emerald Suite, has an entrance/hallway, a double bedroom where we can add a  third bed on demand for an adult, and a bathroom.

All rooms dispose of  free WIFI.

From the windows of each room looking into the garden, you can admire the beauty of the Tuscan countryside and the Apennines in the north till the Apuan Alps in the northwest.

Breakfast is served in the dining room at the ground floor and in a part of a larger sitting room.

Dinner is also available on demand.

A charming gazebo is also available during the summer.